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Buying a home with no credit, bad credit?

Buying a home with no credit, bad credit?

Now a day’s a good credit is not as good as it used to be for many. Someone with 800 or above points on their report is nearly extinct. Mostly as it is happening now that due to low employment we start to see what our priorities are from the basic need to feed our families or paying our credit cards or personal loans. We rather pay our home our car instead of paying a student loan or pay the store credit card. When we do this every month we are late our credit score takes a small dent to it around 10 points less on our credit score.

Can you buy a home with bad credit, a foreclosure or even a bankruptcy filed on your credit report?

There is no problem, there are people who are buying homes even with these problems.

Everyone qualifies!

We have all heard this many times from many sources when we know that right now is when most banks are at their most strict point in history. Bank’s usually want people to have:

1- Good income

2- Low debt

3- Good credit

However even if you do not have these prerequisites or perhaps 2 out of 3 you can still purchase a home. Without many problems all is legal, to your name, fairly easy to accomplish and as well as within your rights to do so.

When you have not had a stable employer for the last 2 years, when you have too many collections or debts to your credit banks will usually deny credit to buy a home, obviously they do not see where or how you would be able to pay any more debt than you already have. However there are private owners or private investors who own homes that are paid off, free and clear around all of Las Vegas Valley who are willing to finance the home with a down-payment, fair interest, low monthly payments (in some cases even lower than what you are paying in rent at the moment), and that can be paid off in 5 Р10 years. Do you want to know how? Call me at 702-250-2567 or my office 702-483-9486 ask for Jose or my assistant.  We Only work in Las Vegas, NV.

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